Weekly Mix: 3/7/21

Welcome, welcome. 300. This is Sparta. Yes, we’ve reached 300 songs on the playlist. That’s 10 a week for 30 weeks. And since GSG currently has 29 followers on Spotify, that means hypothetically each follower could grab 10 songs and the last 10 would be left for me. Anyhow…

We begin with The Beach Boys’ Feel Flows in all its psychedelic glory. Next, Polaris with She Is Staggering from The Adventures of Pete & Pete. Remember that show? Even if you don’t, this is a great slice of early 90s rock. Then, “the boy from Lagos that they hate to love”, Odunsi (The Engine)’s Fuji 5000, a certified smanger from one of my faves. About ten years ago I listened to Waka Flocka Flame maybe more than any other artist. Among the dozens of Flocka tracks compiled on my iPod I specifically remember Grind, Stunt, Go Hard playing as I drove down Route 1 (who knows why), and man, this shit is too good. I’m not really sure why dude disappeared, but that’s a thought for another day. Next things get jazzy with Cullen Knight’s Deal With It. Some strong trumpet on this here track. Then Walter Egan’s Magnet and Steel from the Boogie Nights soundtrack, which my parents often played during my childhood. I used to confuse it with Saturday Night Fever because I didn’t live through the 70s and I hardly remember 1997, so of course I did. Anyway, this was one of those songs that cast a spell on me as a kid and has not lost a bit of its magic today. Dreamy stuff.

Dinah Washington enters the pantheon of torch singers on the GSG playlist with I Thought About You. Also wistful is 2 Chainz’s Poor Fool, which I think I mostly come back to for the Swae Lee chorus. Things are gonna get real tender near the end here. Oh, and I’m actually writing about 11 songs today because one of the old ones must have been removed from Spotify. So next up we have Funkadelic’s not-so-funky ballad We Hurt Too, a beautiful song. Then After 7’s Ready Or Not, one of my favorite Babyface productions (did you know I love Babyface?). Finally, a Quincy Jones track from 1995, You Put a Move on My Heart. Strangely enough this is track 4 on the Q’s Jook Joint album, which seems weird to me only because this plays to me like a show-stopping finale. I love the living hell out of this song.

I might take a break on the playlist for a bit, as I’m not sure there are much more than 300 great songs in existence. Anyways, if you’ve come along for the ride, thank you. You can listen here.

Weekly Mix: 2/28/21

Welcome to the end of February, where this week we learned such lessons as – maybe listening to 3 Lisa Germano albums in a row is not such a good idea. No matter, it’s a new day and there are new songs to hear.

This week we get it rolling with Devin the Dude’s classic To tha X-Treme, then switch it over to Sonique’s hit It Feels So Good. Lizzy Mercier Descloux’s Slipped Disc was a hit at any party (remember those?) and still bangs. Whatever you think about Buffalo’s Griselda crew, it’s hard to deny the amazing beat on Nicholas Craven’s remix of Conway and Elzhi’s 212. Here’s a lost 80s hit from Babyface: boy band (naturally) The Boys with Dial My Heart (I gotta say this is better than Britney’s “Email My Heart”). I love Laura Nyro and I especially love the lyrics on and everything about Buy and Sell. KeiyaA is a talented young artist to watch out for, and my favorite song of hers, Hvnli, is next. Then a good old torch song in Etta Jones’ (not James) If I Had You. Johnny “Hammond” Smith’s Can’t We Smile? is a sweet ballad for this Sunday afternoon and the Lijadu Sisters’ Osupa I is a gentle jam from the Nigerian duo.

Hey, I think we’re at 290. Seems like another track has been taken off streaming, so it’s currently 289. But still, tune in next week for a cool milestone! And check out the playlist here.

Weekly Mix: 2/21/21

It’s Sunday, and you know what that means: time to Chill. Today is the day to hang and kick it and so forth. Oh, and I have more songs for you.

Speaking of chill, we’ll start with Samantha James’s Amber Sky and move on to Sweet Trip’s Milk, which is probably the most mindblowing thing I’ve heard in the past two weeks. Then a killer Alchemist production in Step Brothers’ Tomorrow. All Donuts fans (I know you’re out there) will recognize Dionne Warwick’s You’re Gonna Need Me. Some classic Little Brother recently came to streaming, including their genius Mos Def collab Let It Go. Next, the very smooth I Try from Angela Bofill. After that, Project Pablo asks Why, Though? and then things get very twee very quickly with Saturday Looks Good To Me’s Meet Me By the Water. The late Allen Toussaint’s Southern Nights is the penultimate track today, with Aphrodite’s Child’s ballad It’s Five O’Clock to finish this week’s playlist additions off. Take care all.

And listen here.

Weekly Mix: 2/7/21

Hip-hop. Rap. Same thing. My favorite genre. This week it’s all rap rap rappity-rap mickey mouse cheese hip-hop walt disney.

We begin with the A.B.N. (Assholes by Nature) Z-Ro and Trae, who need No Help. Following that is a similar statement of independence from another great duo, 8Ball & MJG with Nobody But Me. Young Thug celebrates fatherhood on Daddy’s Birthday before we take it back to ’94 with Ill Al Skratch’s Where My Homiez? (sick beat on this one). Then Souls of Mischief producer Long Beach’s Domino gets funky on Sweet Potatoe Pie. Staying in California we revisit L.A.’s Bloods & Crips (composed of real gang members) with Steady Dippin’. Coolin’ is Chief Keef in the sublime Valley, then Cam’ron provides a proletariat anthem in (I Hate) My Job. Next is an underrated track from Migos’ Quavo, South Africa. We round things out this week with Cities Aviv’s cathartic Worlds of Pressure.

Ch-check it out here.

Weekly Mix: 1/24/21

Hey there, we’re back after a break and a holiday weekend. This week brings some welcome additions to the playlist from two of the greatest living American artists, Chief Keef and Bob Dylan, among others.

We begin a capella with Ellen McIlwaine’s Farther Along followed by the late Bill Withers’ Can We Pretend. Then, Отношения (“Relationship” ?) from the Ukranian artist Luna. Then throwing it back with Bay Area classic Playaz Club from Rappin’ 4 Tay and Les McCann’s Sometimes I Cry. Women’s Black Rice is next, then Roger Eno & Kate St. John’s tender ballad The Blue Sea. Similarly dark is Migos’ early tribute to lost ones, R.I.P.. A brilliant Chief Keef track Green Light and Bob Dylan’s take on My One and Only Love close this week’s selections.

Check ’em out here.

Weekly Mix: 1/10/21

What day is it? What year is it? What’s happening? Oh… it’s Sunday. Right. Okay, here we go:

Ever heard of Day 26? Me neither, but their song Co Star is really good. So is Don’t You Worry by Freestyle Fellowship’s Myka 9. And rest in peace to John Prine man, I recently heard Hello in There and loved it, so it’s on here. I put a Chris Bell song earlier in the playlist but today I’m including This Mortal Coil’s version of You and Your Sister. After that, Italian synth dudes Sensations’ Fix with Acudreaming, from a great RVNG compilation of their material. Then, one of my favorite (and one of the most ominous) songs by the great Shangri-Las, Past, Present and Future. Sic Alps (whatever happened to them?) are next with Wake Up, It’s Over II. Following this, everyone’s favorite Grateful Dead with Mountains of the Moon from Aoxomoxoa. Then, Marvin Gaye’s She Needs Me and Phoebe Snow’s All Over conclude this week’s additions.

We’ve hit 250 songs this week! Celebrate with me by listening here.

Weekly Mix: 1/3/21

Welcome to 2021 my people.

We enter the year with Bowie’s ballad Win, followed by Hieroglyphics’ Casual with Be Thousand (no relation to the GBV album as far as I can tell). Then South African “Om” Alec Khaoli’s jam Say You Love Me. Next, Organ Tapes’ banger Stunna and soul man Lee Dorsey’s Sneakin’ Sally Thru the Alley. Yoshio Suzuki’s chill Kane, Jadakiss’ By Your Side and Toni Braxton’s Talking in His Sleep come after that. Concluding this week’s additions to the playlist are Thomas Dolby’s Screen Kiss and Sibylle Baier’s I Lost Something in the Hills.

Happy new year to all, and check out the playlist here.

Weekly Mix: 12/20/20

Hi folks, it’s your pal Ethan Reis here for what will probably be the last GSG playlist update of 2020. Thanks for tuning in and happy holidays and new years to you and yours.

This week we begin with an early Ciara jam in Field Mob’s So What, before South African artist Yvonne Chaka Chaka sings Sangoma. Then one of the most brilliant songs of 2020, Open Mike Eagle’s Wtf is Self Care? Next, T.I. affiliate Big Kuntry King is coolin’ with Young Dro on Focus, and Wild of Night hosts a Video Party (recommended for all you Kate Bush fans). Been listening to so much Willie Nelson that I couldn’t help but throw in the original Three Days, then one of my favorite bands Lambchop with If Not I’ll Just Die. An absolute classic follows in Broadcast’s Come On Let’s Go, then we turn to Memphis for Eightball & MJG’s Friend or Foe (the MJG verse near the end is perfection). Rounding things out this week is a 2020 favorite, Shabason, Krgovich & Harris’s Friday Afternoon.

Listen up here.

Weekly Mix: 12/13/20

Wow. The songs this week are really good. I mean really good! Damn. What the hell.

So here we go y’all. Jon Lucien’s Lady Love kicks things off, followed by the heal theme from Ico (never played it, but seems cool!). Then a throwback track from one of my favorite albums, Magnetic Fields’ Josephine (from Wayward Bus). Quelle Chris’s beautiful Living Happy is next, along with Gene Clark’s One in a Hundred. Luther Vandross brings a jam in See Me and Catherine Howe sings My Child. Then we have overlooked British folk-rockers Heron with Yellow Roses, and Supermarket Blues from Eugene McDaniels’ brilliant Headless Heroes of the Apocalypse. Closing things out this week is Cat Power’s Back of Your Head.

Listen to the playlist on Spotify.

Weekly Mix: 12/6/20

It’s December. Wow! This week we add some folk songs to the mix. Well, not all of them are, but it’s a more analog than usual update to the GSG playlist. Check the songs below.

I’ve been on a big Hugh Masekela kick recently, and especially enjoying his live recordings. Abangoma from Hope (1994) still blows me away, so I’m starting this week’s mix with it. Next is Tim Hardin’s It’ll Never Happen Again, which I discovered by way of Gary Burton (who appears on Hardin’s album). The Louvin Brothers’ Satan Is Real got a lot of plays this year, and not just for its amazing cover art. I’ve included their Dying From Home, and Lost here. Then perennial favorite Julia Holter’s fantastic cover of Fleetwood Mac’s Gold Dust Woman. After that, the late Lhasa’s Pa’llegar a Tu Lodo. Then, gospel singer Tessie Hill’s Take a Day. The brilliant weirdness of Otis G Johnson follows with Are You Cleansed Annexus. Folk legend Phil Ochs is next with Rehearsals for Retirement. Rounding things out this week is recent favorite Tomberlin with Self-Help.

Check out the playlist on Spotify.