Weekly Mix: 2/28/21

Welcome to the end of February, where this week we learned such lessons as – maybe listening to 3 Lisa Germano albums in a row is not such a good idea. No matter, it’s a new day and there are new songs to hear.

This week we get it rolling with Devin the Dude’s classic To tha X-Treme, then switch it over to Sonique’s hit It Feels So Good. Lizzy Mercier Descloux’s Slipped Disc was a hit at any party (remember those?) and still bangs. Whatever you think about Buffalo’s Griselda crew, it’s hard to deny the amazing beat on Nicholas Craven’s remix of Conway and Elzhi’s 212. Here’s a lost 80s hit from Babyface: boy band (naturally) The Boys with Dial My Heart (I gotta say this is better than Britney’s “Email My Heart”). I love Laura Nyro and I especially love the lyrics on and everything about Buy and Sell. KeiyaA is a talented young artist to watch out for, and my favorite song of hers, Hvnli, is next. Then a good old torch song in Etta Jones’ (not James) If I Had You. Johnny “Hammond” Smith’s Can’t We Smile? is a sweet ballad for this Sunday afternoon and the Lijadu Sisters’ Osupa I is a gentle jam from the Nigerian duo.

Hey, I think we’re at 290. Seems like another track has been taken off streaming, so it’s currently 289. But still, tune in next week for a cool milestone! And check out the playlist here.

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