Weekly Mix: 3/7/21

Welcome, welcome. 300. This is Sparta. Yes, we’ve reached 300 songs on the playlist. That’s 10 a week for 30 weeks. And since GSG currently has 29 followers on Spotify, that means hypothetically each follower could grab 10 songs and the last 10 would be left for me. Anyhow…

We begin with The Beach Boys’ Feel Flows in all its psychedelic glory. Next, Polaris with She Is Staggering from The Adventures of Pete & Pete. Remember that show? Even if you don’t, this is a great slice of early 90s rock. Then, “the boy from Lagos that they hate to love”, Odunsi (The Engine)’s Fuji 5000, a certified smanger from one of my faves. About ten years ago I listened to Waka Flocka Flame maybe more than any other artist. Among the dozens of Flocka tracks compiled on my iPod I specifically remember Grind, Stunt, Go Hard playing as I drove down Route 1 (who knows why), and man, this shit is too good. I’m not really sure why dude disappeared, but that’s a thought for another day. Next things get jazzy with Cullen Knight’s Deal With It. Some strong trumpet on this here track. Then Walter Egan’s Magnet and Steel from the Boogie Nights soundtrack, which my parents often played during my childhood. I used to confuse it with Saturday Night Fever because I didn’t live through the 70s and I hardly remember 1997, so of course I did. Anyway, this was one of those songs that cast a spell on me as a kid and has not lost a bit of its magic today. Dreamy stuff.

Dinah Washington enters the pantheon of torch singers on the GSG playlist with I Thought About You. Also wistful is 2 Chainz’s Poor Fool, which I think I mostly come back to for the Swae Lee chorus. Things are gonna get real tender near the end here. Oh, and I’m actually writing about 11 songs today because one of the old ones must have been removed from Spotify. So next up we have Funkadelic’s not-so-funky ballad We Hurt Too, a beautiful song. Then After 7’s Ready Or Not, one of my favorite Babyface productions (did you know I love Babyface?). Finally, a Quincy Jones track from 1995, You Put a Move on My Heart. Strangely enough this is track 4 on the Q’s Jook Joint album, which seems weird to me only because this plays to me like a show-stopping finale. I love the living hell out of this song.

I might take a break on the playlist for a bit, as I’m not sure there are much more than 300 great songs in existence. Anyways, if you’ve come along for the ride, thank you. You can listen here.

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