Weekly Mix: 11/01/20

It’s officially November, and in Pennsylvania it kinda feels like there’s nothing to do but focus on the election. While this will definitely define the upcoming week, there’s still an abundance of music out there to relax the nerves during this tense time. This week’s addition to the playlist is quite mellow.

Grant Green’s Idle Moments is probably the longest single addition to the playlist at almost 15 minutes, followed by T-Pain’s underrated album cut Time Machine. Rema’s hit Dumebi is next, with John Holt’s optimistic Reality after that. Then we have Yo La Tengo with their lovely ballad Nowhere Near and another indie stalwart, Bill Callahan with Too Many Birds. Then the gospel instrumental Blessed Quietness by Pastor T.L. Barrett and the Youth for Christ Choir, followed by R.E.M.’s gentle Star Me Kitten. If you’ve never heard it, Planet Caravan will take you by surprise as it is extremely out-of-character for Black Sabbath (with amazing results). Rounding things off is Nico’s wonderful cover of Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams.

And friends, you can stream the playlist on Spotify.

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