Weekly Mix: 10/11/20

Got rained on a bit last week, so this week starts off with some rainy songs.

Margie Joseph starts things off with How Beautiful the Rain, then Margo Guryan with Think of Rain from one of my favorite albums of all time, Take a Picture. Next, Morphine tells you You Look Like Rain and The Rain Parade (band of late Mazzy Star guitarist David Roback) declare This Can’t Be Today. The Rentals bring us out the rain with My Head is in the Sun (featuring Maya Rudolph on the chorus). Then Big Mello will Funkwichamind and the incredible Suga Free gets Angry Enough on one of his most brilliant tracks. Things get v relaxing after that with Gaussian Curve’s Ride, before moving back to rap with Artifacts’ Collaboration of Mics. 80s R&B singer Sybil closes things out with her cover of Burt Bacharach’s Don’t Make Me Over.

Check out the playlist on Spotify.

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