Weekly Mix: 9/20/20

As September slips away I have to continually remind myself not to spend so much time on social media before the most wonderful time of the year (election season). Barring that, the series of tubes we call the internet remains a great place for music. Here are ten more additions to my boundless canon.

Björk’s classic Come to Me seemed to fit in with my selection of mostly dreamy tracks, and following that is a great exotica instrumental from The Beach Boys, Diamond Head. Then, my favorite sound out of Nashville, Lambchop with We Never Argue. I recently started listening to Tortoise and was impressed by Along the Banks of Rivers, so that’s here. P-Funk has also been in heavy rotation, so I’m including the incredibly underrated I Just Got Back by Parliament. Next is Shy Glizzy, probably my favorite rapper right now, with the classic White Girl (bonjour to you all). Dungeon Family member Joi doesn’t get a lot of shine, so I included her sexual Narcissa Cutie Pie. After that, Ulla with I Think My Tears Have Become Good. Pharoahe Monch’s amazing Queens comes next, and I round things out with the effortlessly cool Alté Cruise by the young Nigerian star Odunsi the Engine.

As always, “pree” the Spotify playlist here.

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