Weekly Mix: 9/13/20

Back at it again, folks. A month ago, after I reached 100 songs on the GSG playlist, I wondered what the hell else I could add. But alas, there are more than 100 great songs in this beautiful world! And so, we reach the next 10.

Have you ever been asked for a lighter, only to never get it back? Well, Vybz Kartel has too, and he was so pissed about it that he made the song Lighter in which he implores his friend to get their own lighter. Like most of his songs, it’s amazing. Speaking of light, Love would love to show you some Orange Skies (probably my favorite track by this great band). Then, Cody Chestnutt is all about Boylife in America, a brilliant and weird song that inspired Kanye’s “Hell of a Life”. Next up, Sly & The Family Stone riff on the thought of Babies Makin’ Babies, and Duke Ellington keeps it lovely with The Single Petal of a Rose. The Japanese artist Piana gets transcendent with early in summer. Following this is Charles Mingus’s Flamingo, from the masterful Tijuana Moods. Then a heartbreaking Astrud Gilberto ballad in If (The Biggest Little Word), followed by a recent track from the underrated songwriter Laura Groves, M6 North. Laurel Halo rounds out the playlist this week with the spacey, brilliant Do U Ever Happen.

As always, check the playlist on Spotify.

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