Weekly Mix: 8/2/20 (100 Songs)

100 songs! 100 songs!

After 10 weeks at 10 songs a week, we’ve reached a GSG milestone: 100 songs on the weekly Spotify playlist. To celebrate there are some special picks this week. Not all songs are exactly celebratory, but these are some of my favorites.

Peter Tosh’s Fools Die is a contender for my favorite song of all time. I discovered this ballad via the documentary Life and Debt, which explores economic uncertainty in Jamaica. I’ve been blown away by Tosh’s drumless, moving paean to the downtrodden ever since. Following this is another spacey favorite of mine, Laurel Halo’s Light + Space. Next is Leonard Cohen’s Phil Spector-produced masterpiece Memories. Things speed up a bit with Devin the Dude’s What a Job, on which André 3000 steals the show. Foxes in Fiction provide some dreamy catharsis on Say Yes to Violence. Then a LOX classic with the DJ Premier-produced Recognize. Following that is an underrated, weird jam, Timex Social Club’s Green Tears. After that, Smino and Dreezy’s Fenty Sex. Johnnie Frierson, who I will be posting more about tomorrow, follows with Miracles. And lastly, one of my favorite rap/r&b songs ever, Do Or Die and Twista’s Do U?

As always, check out the playlist on Spotify.

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